It has been ten years since the Myrisian Free-States defeated the occupying forces of the Pelor’at. Their liberation came after fifteen years of bitter struggle and ended nearly 300 years of domination. While tensions between the Free-States and the Empire have eased, the threat of war still simmers beneath the surface.

At the end of the war, the independent cities of Myrisia formed a pact of mutual defense and cooperative governance. However, in the years since, the Council of Myrisia has accomplished little. Having agreed to operate on a principle of unanimity, the council is paralyzed by the old rivalries between the city-states.

Meanwhile, in Dar’al Pelor, a new empress has inherited the throne. Having focused initially on consolidating her power within the Empire of the Sun, she now holds sway over all levels of the theocratic government. Her people now wait to see whether she will continue to pursue a policy of peace with the Myrisian Free-States or declare a new crusade to conquer the lost territory.

For the last ten years, the two powers have engaged in a political struggle for influence over the many islands that lay between their two lands. Island nations remaining loyal to the Empire have had taxes waved and religious restrictions lifted. Those who wish to throw out the Pelor’at are granted a seat on the Council of Myrisia. In the tumultuous political environment, some islands have declared neutrality in the conflict. Whether or not they will be allowed to remain so has yet to be seen.

Chronicles Saga

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